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Marbella area offers one of the longest and most refined portfolio of properties in Spain, from beachfront villas to luxurious apartments or unique penthouses.
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Our professional experience allows to customize the preferences and needs of the clients to find the right property that meets their needs and expectations.


Our experience and knowhow of a complex sector allows the client to take the right decision without risks.


We are together at each sep of the purchase process and recommend the best professional requirements that help you in the legal ground with wording of the contract as well as in the tax field.


Our professionals are fully dedicated in safeguarding your privacy.

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We advise you throughout the process and although we do not work with any particular law firm, we are in a position to recommend the services of accredited professionals of the legal profession to safeguard their interests in the purchase, according to the language of your preference.

A continuación le detallamos, con carácter general, los diferentes pasos del proceso de compra


Once the property to be purchased has been decided, the normal procedure in Spain is to establish a reserve deposit whose amount will depend on the final price of the purchase. The deposit is accompanied by a booking contract where the names and documents accrediting the buyer are collected and seller, the agreed sales price and any conditions established in the purchase. The amount of the reservation is given to the real estate agent or the lawyer as a sign of good faith. It is recommended never to pay a reservation deposit directly to the owner.


The lawyer is responsible for making sure at the property registry that the property’s documentation is correct, free from foreclosures or debts and who owns it.


Once the lawyer is satisfied and everything is in perfect order is when the buyer and the seller they will sign a private contract of sale. The buyer will pay a 10% deposit (minus the deposit of the reserve). In this contract, the identities and details of the buyer and seller are established, as well as the agreed sale price and the date for the final transfer of ownership of the property. At this point, if the buyer decides to withdraw from the purchase will lose his deposit and if it is the seller who withdraws his property from the sale he will be obliged to pay the buyer double the deposit delivered by him, unless he agrees something else.


In this final phase is when the rest of the amount is paid and the Deed is signed before a Notary Public. After signing the deeds, your attorney will register the property on behalf of the buyer with the local office of the Land Registry.

The persons that will appear in the deed of sale must be identified, if they are Spanish through the DNI and if they are not residents in Spain, the Ministry of the Interior requires that they obtain a Certificate of Non-Residency, in which a fiscal number is determined, which will also be required to pay the corresponding taxes. This document is known as a NIE number and must be requested directly and in person at police stations, consulates or Spanish embassies, since the power of attorney is not accepted.



When the purchase is made directly to the real estate developer: in IVA of new homes a 10% rate is applied about the purchase price. When the purchase is made to another owner, the Transmission Tax is paid Assets (ITP) as specified in the following data:

  • Purchase Price 0-400.000 €: 8% Tax type
  • Purchase Price 400.000 € – 700.000 €: 9% Tax type
  • Purchase Price From 700.000€: 10% Tax type


We advise you to open a bank account at the moment you start the purchasing process, both for the payment of the amounts that are agreed in the contract as for the direct payment of supplies such as electricity and water. As well It is convenient to make a will that will exclusively affect your assets in Spain and does not concern your country of reference. It facilitates and shortens the succession process in the event that unfortunately a death occurs.

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