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What we offer

Kristina Szekely International Realty offers more than 30 years of experience in the real estate market. Bridging professional liaisons with financial and retailing markets. For this reason, it is a unique lead to offer excellent investment opportunities always legality complying with national and international financial and legal standars.

Our Services to investors


Kristina Szekely International Realty annalyzes the market to find a property that fits in the proper investor profile (at short, medium or long term) and avoiding expeculative investments that may represent a major note.


The real estate market is cyclic and experiences peaks of rise and fall in prices. Our experience places us in a privileged place advise you when and where you should invest.


We take care of publicizing with a studied marketing compaign. We are committed to make your investment profitable when the markets is favourable.


Our professional team will be delighted to answer any questions about dynamics of the real estate market and inform of specific issues about the properties that may interest you.

Reasons to invest

Selling a property in Spain is something that is not extremely complicated but, like a purchase, we recommend the intervention of a lawyer who is responsible for supervising and advising throughout the process, mainly in the drafting of the contract and in the tax aspect.

After the collapse of prices due to the crisis, the coastal areas and especially luxury housing has followed an upward trend that is expected to continue, especially in the Costa del Sol, where prices have risen around 10% in the last year and a 5% annual increase is foreseen in the next five years. During the upward cycle this type of property rises more rapidly and with more strength than the rest of the market, however in the downward cycle the adjustment is not so strong. It is a less volatile market whose profitability has two aspects: rent (they are in high demand and it is a scarce product) and the subsequent sale.